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Snore-No-More Essential Oil

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Snore-No-More is a Marjoram Blend of essential oils formulated specifically to stop snoring. When inhaled during the sleeping period the oil blend will stop or reduce snoring and help both people in the room sleep and breath better. Snore-No-More is also great for sinus, sinus headache, colds and much more. Just inhale it when the problem occurs and with in minutes you will begin to feel better. Snore-No-More contains 4 'active ingredients'essential oils.  Marjoram is the main ingredient and the key.  Marjoram causes the body to tighten the soft tissue at the back of the throat - the uvula and soft pallet.  This tissue vibrates and is the source of the snoring noise.  

Marjoram on its own however, is not as effective as when blended with the other oils.  Peppermint and Eucalyptus are good respiratory oils and  Lavender is a good sleeping aid benefiting both people.

Take several deep breaths at night before lying down. Place the open jar on the nightstand. Breathing Snore-No-More opens up the breathing passages and allows for freer air flow.

Caution: Pregnant women and infants shouldn't be exposed to Snore-No-More on a nightly basis.

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Snore-No-More - 100mL

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